Flat Security Alarm System

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It is such as alarm system along with the Wireless a device that is distinct in its own right. It is a device in the main door. Indoors, there is a remote panel set up to use the system from anywhere on the range of up to 100fit can ON and OFF. Your place opens the door to an unknown recipient will start ringing the siren sound will be heard from 1kilometers away which is able to protect your life and property.


The first device that inside the main gate and side panel 50 will fit anywhere in that range, it might make the system. You come home and leave the house empty out, will require access to remote. If you do not, the door is open then the siren will turned on.


  • It can also have four Whalers.
  • In the locker room.
  • In the flat.
  • In the any show room.
  • In the office.


  • Our systems are employed in houses of any kind here .
  • The system will provide the warranty of 1 year.
  • Indoors and outdoors to protect isolated systems available.
  • Range available of alarm system with calling system.

Wireless Alarm System is available in only 7000/- Rs.