GSM calling System

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Our GSM Wireless Security Alarm System is micro controller based system that is entirely wire free. This electronic security alarm system is ideal for the security of homes. It provides round the clock protection to your premises. Its powerful audio siren keeps you alert whenever there is any unwanted entry in your premises. Additionally, our GSM Wireless Security Alarm System also makes calls directly over owner's cell phone number with complete calling system.

Are you worried when locking your Home about its safety?

  • Are you worried when leaving your aged parents behind at Home?
  • Are you worried if somebody can come inside from your balcony?
  • Are you worried about our Cash Room´s safety?
  • Are you worried if somebody can enter into your Shop without you knowing?

Then we would like to take your all such worries and give you a real PLEASURE.
Just install our GSM based GSM Home Security System, and get RELAXED.
INSTANT ALERT on your Mobile if some unauthorized person enters your Premises
WIRELESS EMERGENCY/PANIC BUTTON for Senior Citizens at Home and its Alert on your Mobile.


GSM calling System is available in two mobile number calling only 8000/- Rs.*