Home Security System

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How important for you to have a look!

  • After the system on your house, a man tries to enter from anywhere then your outdoor lights will come on and the alarm sounded by up to 1 km around warn people.
  • Security system maximum 35 ft coverage area surround area.
  • Day and night are able to work successfully.
  • 40 watts maximum power load is turned on.
  • This innovative discovery is only supposed to work on humans.
  • As well as giving you protection from thieves around to warn people.
  • With the coming into your budget - with life - Safety of important options.

Home Security Store caters to the do-it-yourself home or business owner who knows true safety: understanding and installing your own alarm system.

Home Security System is available in only 10,000/- Rs.

Extra attachment GSM Calling System 8,000/-Rs.